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Huntington Iris (thumbnail) A Bird in Dad's Garden: Paradise 1 (thumbnail) A Bird in All Its Finery: Paradise 2 (thumbnail) The Backyard Seesaw (thumbnail) The Family Tree (thumbnail) Walking (?) the Baby (thumbnail) To Love and to Cherish (thumbnail) Mr. and Mrs. (thumbnail) Friday Night (thumbnail) Defenders Three (thumbnail) Little League Allstar (thumbnail) How Sweet it Is! (thumbnail) At the Edge of the Fields (thumbnail) Sequim Lavender (thumbnail) Fragrant Fields (thumbnail) Alpine Morn (thumbnail) Beau (thumbnail) Kaila (thumbnail) Ms Maggie Blue Eye (thumbnail) Morgan and Tasha (thumbnail) Tess (thumbnail) Chesterfield Emerson Whipshaw III (thumbnail) Let's Play (thumbnail) Shabby (thumbnail) The Odd Couple (thumbnail) Alex (thumbnail) Clifford (thumbnail) Magnolias (thumbnail) October Sycamore (thumbnail)
Fragrant Fields (large view)
Fragrant Fields
Pastel on sanded paper, painted by K Krueger McDonald ©
6" H x 0" W